Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinson

duo195 118 Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinson

Brenn Wyson is back with us this week on and we have to admit we’ve missed his crazy antics and that signature accent. Originally from right outside of Boston, Brenn is 40 now and looking better than ever. Today Brenn is going to help Cody Robbinson, a sexy 22 year old from the Hoosier state, make his debut with us. Brenn and Cody are packing up their apartment and after a long day Cody grabs his lower back and tells Brenn his back is going to hurt tomorrow. Brenn walks over and grabs him as he grunts in his ear “That’s not the only thing that’s gonna hurt” as he makes Cody kneel. Brenn undoes his jeans and hauls out his cock that is rock hard and shoves it into Cody’s willing mouth. “You like that cock in your mouth?” Brenn groans as he starts fucking his face. Cody savors that thick dick and takes it all the way down his throat. Brenn then pulls Cody up and kisses him as he undoes Cody’s jeans. Brenn goes down and gives him some of the same as Cody slides his! dick down Brenn’s throat making him gag on it. Brenn knows what he’s doing as he slurps on that hard cock getting it all wet and easier to take. Soon he applies that principle to Cody’s hole as he turns him around and shoves his tongue inside. Cody moans as Brenn French kisses that tight ass. Once Brenn has that hole nice and hungry for more he stands and delivers. He bends Cody over and after teasing his hole a bit he slides that fat dick home. Cody buckles in for a bumpy ride as Brenn does what he does best-fuck hard. He pounds that young ass deep and hard as Cody takes it all. “You love being a fuckin’ bitch!” Brenn grunts as he slaps his ass and rails into that hole. “Tell me you fuckin’ love it!” He then slows it down for a bit giving Cody a bit of a short lived break before getting him down on the couch in a doggy position. He slides back into that smooth ass and gets to work mounting that ass. Brenn then gets him in a missionary position over the couch and just st! arts to pound him deep hitting his sweet spot as Brenn jacks h! im off. Cody unloads all over himself as Brenn jacks and fucks him. Brenn then pulls out and shoots his own massive load all over Cody’s chest and cum-covered cock.

duo195 212 Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinsonduo195  77 Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinsonduo195  98 Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinson

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    Tommy Defendi & Brock Russell

    duo206  04 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russell

    P-Town’s hottest representative is with us on this week as we welcome back Brock Russell. Joining him is the ‘coque du jour’ hung young stud Tommy Defendi! These two begin to make out exploring each others hard bodies as their tongues and hands begin to roam. Their shirts come off as they continue to kiss and tease each other. Tommy’s shorts are next, exposing his thick dick straining against his tight briefs. Brock grins ear to ear as Tommy sucks on his cock. Tommy slowly savors Brock’s boner as he engulfs his cock, swirling his tongue around Brock’s knob and shaft. It isn’t long before Brock pushes Tommy back for more of that extra thick dick. . “You like that big dick?” Tommy teases as Brock moans his approval begging for more. Tommy then sits back and lets Brock ride his big dick. This position gives Brock more control and in no time he’s bouncing up and down on Defendi like he’s winning a derby. This ultimately does the trick sending Brock’s load expl! oding all over his chiseled abs. As Brock nuts, Tommy’s busy busting his own load all over his furry abs as well.

    duo206  41 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russellduo206  54 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russellduo206  65 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russellduo206  67 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russellduo206 150 Tommy Defendi & Brock Russell

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      *Trenton Ducati & Jordan White

      hwrv 4102 *Trenton Ducati & Jordan White 

      “Don’t worry about where I’ve been,” shouts Trenton Ducati to his inquisitive lover, shoving Jordan Whiteagainst the wall and kissing him deep. Trenton slurps on tan Jordan’s big meat before the cutie returns the favor. Trenton bends down to kiss the sucker, his huge hands gripping the sub’s head and neck. Jordan’s cock gets harder as he spits on Trenton’s shaft and licks his balls. Trenton eats the smoothie’s ass, warming it up for the huge dick that wiggles inside — drawing a litany of breathless expletives from the bottom. “Fuck me!” he moans as sweaty Trenton manhandles him. “You like that, boy?” asks the top. Trenton rams him from behind over the sink, then plows Jordan on his back — holding him up by the legs as the bottom grips the counter, his body in mid-air as he gets reamed. Jordan smiles into Trenton’s eyes, the two soon jacking off side by side — Jordan’s big boner grazing Trenton’s massive quad as the top release! s his load and closes with a kiss.

      hwrv 4182 *Trenton Ducati & Jordan White hwrv 420a2 *Trenton Ducati & Jordan White hwrv 423a2 *Trenton Ducati & Jordan White

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        *Caught in the act

        NFHCMO105CBJ1112 242 *Caught in the act

        Eryk is hanging out, watching television at the frat house. Flipping through the channels with the remote, he happily stumbles upon some porn. Since no one seems to be around, Eryk unbuckles his belt and begins a little session of self love. With one more yank to his shaft, Eryk realizes that his frat brother, Clayton, is actually in the movie he’s watching! Eryk wastes little time on the revelation, and continues to concentrate on the task in his hand. He pulls off his t-shirt to reveal his smoothly carved chest, with sweetly supple pecs and intricately defined abs. Eryk is lost in pleasuring himself and his growing schlong. He’s unaware that someone has entered the room, until it’s too late! Clayton steps up, admonishing Eryk for masturbating on the frat house sofa. Eryk responds by letting Clayton know that he has been caught in the act as well. Clayton and Eryk come to a clever agreement. That is, Clayton gets down on his knees to suck Eryk’s dick, in the hopes that Eryk won’t tell the other frat brothers about his porno. Eryk gasps with delight as Clayton slurps on his manmeat. Eryk, dizzy with pleasure, pulls Clayton up from the floor and tosses him onto the couch. Eryk claws at Clayton’s shorts. Reaching for Clayton’s fattened cock, Eryk goes to work! Eryk gobbles up Clayton’s chubsteak like a starving student. Eryk slurps hurriedly as he sucks Clayton’s red hot rocket. Eryk gags as he eagerly tries to deep-throat every inch of Clayton’s prick. Eryk looks to Clayton’s porn, still playing in the background. Eryk looks back to Clayton, saying, “See what you’re doing to that guy? Do that to me right now!” Eryk bends over the couch, his bare ass willing and ready to receive Clayton’s action. Clayton takes Eryk by the hips, thrusting into him as Eryk moans ecstatically. Clayton barrels into Eryk’s tight, cherry bottom while Eryk pants, “Fuck yeah!” Clayton pushes Eryk over onto the side of the couch. Eryk lies on his back, as Clayton lifts his leg. Clayton scoots Eryk’s backside to the edge of the sofa, and begins deep-dicking him from the side of the couch. Eryk’s moans grow louder with each thrust of Clayton’s cock, until he’s nearly screaming. Clayton brusquely clamps his hand over Eryk’s mouth, whispering, “You don’t want the frat guys to hear you!” Eryk nods his head in silent agreement, and starts to jerk his manmeat even faster. As Eryk unloads, each rigidly defined muscle of his torso seems to clench with his heaving. His moans louder still, Eryk’s mouth is, once again, forcibly silenced by Clayton’s hand. Clayton pulls free of Eryk’s hungry ass to deliver his spunkfest all over Eryk’s face. Clayton shoots violent streaks across Eryk’s head, dabbing his ear and both cheeks with a zigzag of thick, rich and creamy cum frosting. Eryk smirks, spooge lacing across his lips, and looking to Clayton says, “Your secret’s safe with me.”

        NFHCMO105CBJ1112 252 *Caught in the act NFHCMO105CBJ1112 362 *Caught in the act NFHCMO105CBJ1112 412 *Caught in the act NFHCMO105CBJ1112 422 *Caught in the act

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          *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison

          duo208  552 *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison

          This week we have Matthew Rush with us on and he’s here for his play date with CJ Madison. These two don’t waste any time before making out and groping each other. They peel off their tees as they stand in front of the other. CJ undoes Matthew’s jeans as they get pushed down, taking CJ with them as he falls to his knees before Matt. Matt can only groan as CJ gives his cock a work out. He shoves his cock deep down his throat as he sucks every delicious inch Matt has to offer. Matthew then returns the favor as he too gets a mouthful of CJ’s 9″ Italian sausage. CJ wasn’t done with Matthew’s cock, and is soon back on his knees getting his fill of Rush’s rod. Matthew sits back and spreads his massive thighs wide to let CJ get back to work as he continues licking and milking his cock with his hungry throat. CJ then directs Matt back onto his own uncut neat and watches as Matthew licks and sucks on his New York nine. He slaps Matthew’s face and tongue with his fat! cock as Matt sucks on his heavy balls. CJ then moves to Matt’s ass and tongue fucks Matthew’s beefy ass getting him rock hard and ready for more. Matthew sits still as he watches CJ sit on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. His muscular ass is soon giving way to Matthew’s thick meat. Once he’s got every inch inside, CJ starts to ride as he bounces up and down on that dick. Matt then starts to fuck up into CJ as he just holds still as Matthew fucks him silly. Matt then gets up a bit and starts fucking CJ in a doggy position. He’s pounding his cock deep inside him as he grunts and talks dirty. “Yeah Daddy’ Matt grunts ‘take that dick”. Matthews’s thick cock is slamming deep inside him with ease as CJ takes the grudge fuck he’s getting. “Fuck that hole!” CJ begs. The chemistry between these two is sizzling as they continue their intense fuck session. CJ then gets on his back and has Matt fuck him missionary. This position does the trick, as he watches Matthew’s face as h! e takes his ass added to Matthew’s thick meat hitting him in a! ll the right places. They lie back side by side as they jack themselves off to climax. Matt busts his nut as it coats his cock and balls while CJ uses a dildo to fuck a rather massive load out. Whew.

          duo208  881 *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison duo208  531 *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison duo208  553 *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison duo208  681 *Matthew Rush & CJ Madison

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            *Jean Franko&Tavor Wolf

            MLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 01 *Jean Franko&Tavor Wolf

            Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi closes out this round of auditions in Ibiza by talking to tall, hunky Hispanic man Jean Franko and the handsome, demure Tavor Wolf. Jonathan’s talk gets these two hot guys ready for sex, and in this sexy romp it’s Jean who is taking control. Tavor is going to be his bitch, and he starts out by running his hands all over Jean’s impressive body. Tavor’s mouth is hungry for cock, and Jean’s hard, uncut piece of meat is alert and ready for oral alert. Tavor sucks and swallows on Jean, who can’t get enough. Tavor likes to be dominated, so Jean smacks and slaps his bottom’s ass, getting it ready for the ultimate punishment. Jean hammers away at Tavor when he’s ready: his massive, uncut dick takes no mercy on Tavor’s backside, who submits his ass totally until their orgasms are complete.

            MLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 02 *Jean Franko&Tavor WolfMLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 03 *Jean Franko&Tavor WolfMLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 05 *Jean Franko&Tavor WolfMLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 07 *Jean Franko&Tavor WolfMLA43 05 Jean Franko Tavor Wolf 09 *Jean Franko&Tavor Wolf

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              *Felix Barca&Will Helm

              LVP124 03 Felix Barca Will Helm 13 *Felix Barca&Will Helm

              It was a successful night as far as Will Helm and Felix Barca are concerned: these guys are hot and they know it. They’re the perfect bartenders, and they rule their counter with flowing booze and endless tips. While they’re cleaning up, Felix gets frisky and sprays Will with some water. Their roughhousing turns sexy as Will moves in for the kill and plants a wet kiss on Felix. They start making out, and it couldn’t be hotter watching their stubble-covered jawlines working at each other’s lips. Felix moves his hands over Will’s torso and peels off his shirt. Will’s body is nearly perfect — his legs, arms, pecs, and stomach (not to mention is beautiful uncut cock) are a feast for any gay man, and he has just the right down of course hair to compliment it all! Muscle hunk Felix takes great pleasure in pulling out Will’s cock and slurping on it with wet sucks, giving him a blowjob he deserves. The boys move over to an empty part of the bar surrounded by club mirrors; Will isn’t shy about pulling down Felix’s pants and returning the favor of a hot, wet blowjob: watching Will’s face suck and swallow the muscle boy’s cock keeps him hard and erect, and Felix grows excited for more.  Will takes the hint and bends the muscle cub over for a deep ass-pounding; Will loves to fuck a hot ass, and he doesn’t show much concern for his bottoms. He pumps and rails away, sliding in and out of Felix’s hole, enjoying how tight the muscle bottom is. Will gets Felix on his back and fucks him ragged until they reach their explosive cum shots!

              LVP124 03 Felix Barca Will Helm 02 *Felix Barca&Will HelmLVP124 03 Felix Barca Will Helm 05 *Felix Barca&Will HelmLVP124 03 Felix Barca Will Helm 08 *Felix Barca&Will HelmLVP124 03 Felix Barca Will Helm 11 *Felix Barca&Will Helm

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