The line up


To say that we’re excited about The Line Up would be the understatement of the year. This is a fantasy that we have been wanting to make into film for such a long time but never got the perfect combination of men together… till now that is. Denis, Dato, Paco, and our latest discovery Italian Muscle God – Bruno Boni make a Line Up to die for, and the perfect suspects for Inspector Scott Hunter to use and abuse as he wishes – ordering them to undress one by one, and enjoying the thrill of his power trip. At first its their tops, then its their trousers.. but pretty soon Scott has them just where he wants them – thick, heavy dicks hanging out in front of him and just waiting to be sucked one by one. Scott starts on Bruno getting his tasty, uncut dick hard as a rock as the others watch, waiting their turn, however knowing how dick hungry Scott is, its not long before he’s feasting on all four cocks and having the time of his life! But these four muscular tops aren’t about to be pushed around and they decide to gang up on Scott and overpower him, spitting on him, slapping him around and holding him down as they each give his ass the hardest, and hottest pounding he’s ever had, culminating in an epic 4-way cum shower. Don’t miss what they’re already calling the hottest Gang Bang ever!


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Trenton Ducati & Jake Genesis


Trenton Ducati looks deep into the eyes of Jake Genesis, pulling him in for a kiss—the two tattooed jocks feeling each other’s muscles. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” moans Trenton, rubbing Jake’s jean bulge. Trenton spits on the stud’s tight abs, licks it up and then kisses Jake’s stomach—soon releasing Jake’s throbber, which he engulfs. With his pec muscles twitching as he sucks, Trenton spits on Jake’s cock—a wad sticking to his pubes. “Fuck my mouth!” Trenton yells, his own big dick throbbing as his face gets plowed—spit dripping to the floor as he gulps it up. Jake returns the favor, an overhead shot looking down at their defined bods and pulsing cocks. Trenton demands to see Jake’s ass, diving his tongue inside before fucking him—Jake’s slab bouncing with each thrust. They switch positions, Trenton yelling “Slap my ass! Harder!” as he gets fucked—his giant dick rock hard. J ake then sits down on it and rides, reaching back to put his arm around Trenton—who reaches around to flick the bottom’s boner before the two squirt.

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Barebacks Ian Murphy & Armond Rizzo


Scruffy and hung Ian Murphy and muscular Armond Rizzo make out in the local dive bar. Armond rubs Ian’s throbbing hard-on through his jeans. He kisses Ian’s hairy chest and makes his way down. Armond pulls out Ian’s huge cock and sucks. He manages to fit it all the way down his throat and sucks Ian’s balls too. The two men kiss before Ian tongue fucks Armond’s anxious hole. Ian slides his raw pipe deep into Armond’s muscular ass one inch at a time. Armond moans loudly as Ian stretches his hole. Ian pounds Armond’s ass bareback over the bar stools. He pulls out and Armond sucks Ian’s cock clean before going back at it. Armond flips on his back and Ian dives in his hole bareback. Ian teases Armond, slowly sliding his large pecker in and out of his ass with ease. He shows Armond the “best of both worlds” fucking his raw hole and sucking his uncut cock all at the same time. Armond sits on Ian’s raw cock with his greedy ass. He turns forward and Ian plows deep into him from below.  Ian Murphy fucks Armond bareback over the bar stools and pulls out to spew a huge load on his ass. He shoves his cum-covered cock back inside Armond, seeding his hole. Armond sucks Ian’s cock clean and is ready to bust his load. Armond Rizzo takes a pounding until cum gushes from his cock in an intense orgasm.


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Barebacks Mark Lopez & Gabriel Louis


Gabriel Louis pounds Mark Lopez bareback in the bathroom stall of their local gym. Mark’s pants hang around his thighs as Gabriel pounds his ass. Gabriel fucks him deep, sliding it in and out slowly before pounding again. The studs remove some clothes and Mark sucks Gabriel’s uncut dick. Gabriel puts Mark against the stall and dives back in without hesitation. Mark clings to the stall as Gabriel demolishes his hole. They exit the stall and fuck doggystyle on the locker room bench. Gabriel pulls out so Mark can blow him. Mark deep throats Gabriel’s solid pecker, paying special attention to the thick foreskin. Gabriel returns the favor and eats Mark’s juicy ass. He pummels Mark’s hole with his tongue before sliding his raw cock back inside. Mark rides Gabriel aggressively on the bench, bouncing his muscular ass rhythmically. He lays on his back so Gabriel can pile-drive his wet hole. Gabriel pulls out and milks his cock. Mark Lopez shoots a hot load across his own abdomen. Gabriel Louis releases his nut in and around Mark’s mouth and face. He fucks Mark again with cum dripping from his uncut cock.


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If you like your sex outside in the fresh air, you’ll love Hardwood: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors a collection of six of the best outdoor hardcore sex scenes from the TitanMen vault. Join TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn and Dario Beck and many more as they suck and fuck in the Great Outdoors.


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